A SuperPAC calling for unbinding GOP delegates is urging the National Rifle Association to withdraw their endorsement for the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Courageous Conservatives PAC spokesman Steve Lonegan said “Donald Trump’s call for allowing the federal government to arbitrarily decide who may and may not own firearms shows Trump has no concept of the notion of individual rights in general and the Second Amendment in particular.” 

“It’s statements like these, coupled with his current twelve-point national deficit against Hillary Clinton, that has a growing number of Republican leaders urging delegates be unbound and free to choose the best nominee for the party,” Lonegan said.

“It’s obvious that everything Ted Cruz said about Trump was right, and that every promise Trump makes is valid only until the handshake is over,” Lonegan added. 

Courageous Conservatives PAC was formed in October 2015 to support the election of Ted Cruz and other strong principled conservative candidates.  The organization is leading a petition effort urging Rules Committee members to allow delegates to vote their consciences at www.FREEtheGOP.com.