A SuperPAC calling for unbinding GOP delegates points to a new Bloomberg poll showing Donald Trump losing by 12 points to Hillary Clinton as illustrating the political disaster that will occur if delegates are not released from first ballot obligations.

“This new survey illustratelonegan_partydowns the free-fall happening to Trump since his ridiculous comments about the Trump University judge,” said Steve Lonegan, spokesman for the Courageous Conservatives PAC leading the fight to unbind the delegates.  “And it’s only going to get worse.”
“The delegates are chosen as the trustees of the Republican Party and have an obligation to the rank and file, as well as our elected officials and candidates, to stop Trump from losing to Hillary by a massive margin and costing us tens of thousands of downballot offices across the country,” Lonegan said.
“Donald Trump doesn’t understand that the Republican Party is not about him, it’s the vehicle tens of millions of patriotic Americans have to fight for our freedom, because Democrats certainly won’t,” Lonegan said.  “And it’s becoming clearer and clearer by the day that with Donald Trump as our nominee our party will be led to its biggest defeat ever.”
Courageous Conservatives PAC was formed in October 2015 to support the election of Ted Cruz and other strong principled conservative candidates.