Who We Are

Courageous Conservatives PAC was created because we’re sick of seeing conservative candidates outpunched by weak “moderates” who lie about their own records of failure and appeasement while attacking strong conservatives fighting for what we believe.

Our PAC made the most hard-hitting ads of the 2016 cycle thus far, taking on Marco Rubio on his Gang of Eight Amnesty scheme and Donald Trump on whole host of issues including ethanol in Iowa.

“Courageous Conservatives PAC supports President Trump in his mission to Drain The Swamp! We supported the President when he selected Steve Bannon as an advisor with TV ads on Fox News in the D.C. area. CCPAC is impressed by AG Sessions, Scott Pruitt at EPA, Rick Perry at Energy & all the other Conservative cabinet selections of Donald Trump. We intend to send the President reinforcements to make his Presidential legacy Making America Great Again!”

We operate a lean operation with a tiny staff.  Nearly every dollar donated goes directly into hard-hitting radio and TV ads, robocalls and social media boosts.  We’re not going to have as much money as the big SuperPACs and Establishment Lobbyists so we’re making up for it with punch.

There is no limit on how much you can donate to Courageous Conservatives PAC and corporate contributions are also accepted.